The BM3 is an effective low maintenance solution for any industrial highbay application. The reflector design creates an inherent self-cleaning mechanism by acting as a flute for dirt or dust, thus reducing maintenance. The BM3 highbay is from high grade LM6 aluminium. The BM3 provides higher efficiency due to the minimal absorption of light.

High-intensity discharge

      • Corrosion resistant
      • Height efficiency due to minimal absorption of light
      • Low maintenance due to self cleaning principle inherent in the reflector design which acts as a flute for the dirt or dust


  • BODY: high pressure die cast LM6
    REFLECTOR SYSTEM: SAW range Al glass coated
    RETAINING SCREWS: 4 x captive ss screws
    LAMP-HOLDER: SABS approved
    WIRING: high temperature SABS approved
    CABLE ENTRY: 20mm
    FIXING: eye-bolt, anti-vibration, keyring
    CONTROL GEAR: silicon closed cell gasket for durability and heat resistance

  • Indoor industrial lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Sports hall lighting

SANS 475