The NEW OfficeLED backlit panel is an upgraded version from the traditional Side-lit LED Panel. The panel’s LED’s ensures an even light distribution with a higher lumen efficacy, are flicker-free and a must for any working environment. With a power factor of 0.9 its an optimal energy-saving option. The panel has no LGP, therefore the panel will not discolour yellow.

Energy efficient LED

      • No LGP, therefore never yellows
      • Backlit panel ensures even light distribution
      • High output, Energy saving
      • Uniform light distribution
      • Flicker free driver
      • Dali & emergency options available on request
      • Instant start
      • Lead-free, green environmental protection, RoHs compliant
      • 5 Year warranty

• Commercial Lighting 
• Office Lighting
• Shopping Center Lighting
• Retail Store Lighting 
• School and Universities 
• Hospitality Industry 
• Hospitals and Clinics